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  Свободная Карелия


This group unites patriots and peope standing on the position of regional self-determination of Republic Karelia.

We have no goals to violate the laws of Russian Federation and we don't propose to make some actions to change the contitutional order of this country. We are not the party but the public discussion club. We remind for those citizens who are "caring so much about everything" that free discussions are not forbidden yet by the laws of Russian Federation.

Future Karelia for us is:

1. Sovereign and self-administrated state, independent from dictate of exterior imperial centers. The question of joining any union (Russian or European) will be decided on a republican referendum.

2. Parliamentary republic.

3. Democratic elections of authorities on all levels.

4. Absolutely equal rights for all nationalities - official state languages are Russian, Karelian and Finnish (as well as Vepsian in Vepsian national district).

5. Availability of unique republican brands attractive for investments and tourism, the main state goal is creative development of the Republic.

6. Innovative economy instead nowaday status of Karelia as source of inexpensive raw materials.

7. Lustration - elimination of oligarchic system controlled by the party "United Russia" and the power structures supporting it.

8. Maximal cooperation with neighbouring regions and countries.

9. Revival of the project "Euroregion Karelia".

10. Ecological security and technological modernization of the country.

Appeals to violence, swearwords, abuse (by the personal or national causes) are forbidden in this group. Except that, we have full freedom of words and thoughts. Creative projects on development of republican consciousness and civil self government are welcomed especially.